The children are all invited to come in dressed as Superheroes tomorrow, Friday 5.2.16.

It is to celebrate all the wonderful work we have done on our superheroes this term. We have been focusing on the historical heroine of Grace Darling and modern day heroes helping refugees during Europe’s migrant crisis.

We have also been thinking about what a hero can be; someone who puts others before themselves, helping other people and being selfless. We have thought about Doctors, nurses, plumbers, teachers, policemen/ladies, firefighters.

Please feel free to interpret the term ‘hero’ anyway you think. No pressure on the outfit!!!!



The Feast of the Presentation 2.2.16

The children have been learning about Special people this half term. We have been thinking about the special people in our lives and Jesus as a special person who God sent to us.

We have been reading Luke’s Gospel and thinking about the story of ‘The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple’. The children have had so much fun role playing the story. We made puppets, the children acted the story out and filmed one another with the tablets. We have been making temples with junk modelling and building with bricks and lego.

The children all did a fantastic piece of writing about this important story.

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Grace Darling

The children have enjoyed finding out about the story of Grace Darling. The have been reenacting the story through role play and using the water tray to recreate the dramatic story of her saving the survivors from the ship wreak. This week we have thought about the sequence of the story and ordered the pictures of the story. The children worked together to talk about what happened and order the events of that dramatic night – when Grace proved herself as a real hero.

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Grace Darling

This week we will be continuing with finding out about Grace Darling.

The children will be hearing the story, watching video clips and having lots of opportunities for role play and artwork to understand who she is and what she did.

If you get chance maybe you could do a little research at home with your child.

Grace Darling

If you have any tubes and various types of containers and boxes for the children to make boats and lighthouses please bring in.

Reading Books

Please could all children bring their reading books and yellow reading record book to school every day. The children will be reading on different days now and it makes it so much easier if we can access your child’s book straight from their reading book bag.


With thanks

Working Together

The children have been working together to use lego to make number stories. They used 2 pieces of lego, counted the dots on each piece and then found out how may dots there were altogether. We have also used dominoes and dice to work on this addition concept this week. There has been lots of fabulous work and especially good talking and listening to one another. Well done children.

20160112_114054 20160112_114058  20160112_114035

Investigating Money

The children have been enjoying investigating money this week. We have been looking carefully at the shape, size and colour of both coins and notes. We have been thinking about how much each coin and note represents – it’s value. To do this we have used a resource called Numicon and matched a 1pence piece onto each hole in the shape.The children have then gone on to order the coins in terms of their value.

20160112_113328 20160112_113309  20160112_113518

20160111_112140 20160112_11334020160111_112149 20160111_112203 20160111_112211 20160111_112220

The children will continue to play and investigate money in lots of different ways and it would be wonderful if they could also do this at home. A great idea would be to play shop at home or even go and spend some real money at a shop or cafe.